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Change Generation

FEED Granola: Crunchy Duo Parlays Good Looks Into Good Eats, Good Deeds

How a pair of male models made simple, organic snacks attractive and landed their brand in Whole Foods, Costco, and on the Rachael Ray Show.

About FEED Granola: The Granola Guys believe that what you put in to your body determines what you get out of it, and created their granola from the best organic ingredients on the market. See how these two built their innovative brand that’s shaking up the food industry from Whole Foods to Costco to the Rachael Ray Show!

About Jason Osborn & Jason Wright: Tired of the same old snack, Jason Osborn started making his own granola in the tiny Manhattan apartment he shared with roommate Jason Wright. Traveling the world as male models, the Jasons began moonlighting as granola makers, and when Whole Foods stepped in, the product flew off the shelves. With a message of healthy living, FEED is now a leading national granola brand. Delicious!

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