Acer to Introduce First Google Chrome OS Devices in Early June


Even for someone who was physically present at the unveiling of Google’s browser-centric Chrome OS, the operating system is a little confusing. It’s app-less, it’s designed for low-power devices but not touchscreen devices, and there’s the little problem of cannibalization, since Google already has a low-power OS by the name of Android. What form the devices that use Chrome OS will take is still pretty much unknown.

But according to VentureBeat, the mystery may be solved in a matter of weeks–they hear that Acer is going to launch the first Chrome OS devices at the Computex Taipei show, which this year falls between June 1st and 5th.

Acer makes perfect sense for a launch partner–the demo unit at the announcement of Chrome OS was an Acer netbook, though Google security kicked me out from behind the podium before I could take any pictures (they were polite but firm). Will Chrome be successful? That depends on the prospective lifespan of netbooks, really. In a lot of ways Chrome OS is better for netbooks–it’s lighter, and won’t overtax the diminutive computers’ weak internals, and should give better battery life. But we’re in a post-iPad world–do people really want to use teeny laptops with teeny screens, teeny trackpads, and teeny keyboards?

We should find out soon, in any case.

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