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Update: New Beginnings

In 2008, Vinod Khosla predicted that Calera, a cement startup he was funding, "may be our biggest win ever" ("A Devilish Green Angel," July/August). His record at Kleiner Perkins set a high bar, but Calera is beginning to show results. A pilot project in California succeeded in producing cement from captured flue gas, and in March, Peabody Energy announced a $15 million investment in the company.

March brought a flurry of good news for Facebook alums ("The World's Most Innovative Companies," March 2010), including cofounders Adam D'Angelo and Chris Hughes. D'Angelo and Facebook colleague Charlie Cheever closed their first round of funding for Quora, a site that hopes to make us all smarter by providing a "continually improving collection of questions and answers." The round was led by Benchmark Capital for a reported $11 million. In full getting-the-band-back-together style, early Facebook executive Matt Cohler, now a general partner at Benchmark, takes a seat on the Quora board. Also in March, Hughes soft-launched Jumo, a not-for-profit that promises to match people with worthy organizations, based on their skills and interests. "It's a discovery process that helps people build relationships and share resources," he tells Fast Company.

A version of this article appeared in the June 2010 issue of Fast Company magazine.