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Rainer Hosch

On his eighth birthday, Rainer Hosch received a camera from his father, a photojournalist. The gift sparked a passion that carried Hosch from his family home in Austria to his current live-in studio in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. For Fast Company, Hosch made the short trip uptown to photograph Amy Cappellazzo at Christie’s. “We liked two pieces, by Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol,” Hosch says of setting up the shoot. “So in came four guys with white gloves to hang the multimillion-dollar art. It’s an amazing feeling to direct that kind of value.”


Alice Alves

Repairing a failed root canal. Planning a trip to Buenos Aires. Starting a minuscule tomato garden. It was a busy month for deputy art director Alice Alves, who designed our 100 Most Creative People cover package. “The secret is coming to work on rainy Sundays, listening to Caetano Veloso, and drinking lots of herbal tea,” she says. “And there is nothing as exhilarating and intimidating as a blank InDesign page.”

Kurt Iswarienko

Kurt Iswarienko credits years spent working as a lighting technician in Hollywood as the training ground for his photography. He’s brought his cinematic sense of lighting and composition to photographs of celebrities including Julianne Moore, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Anne Hathaway. This month, the Angeleno turned his lens on filmmaker Jesse Dylan.

Elaine Appleton Grant

On a recent journalism fellowship to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New Hampshire Public Radio’s health reporter, Elaine Appleton Grant, mixed it up with fellow reporters from across the country. “I’ve never seen one group of people have such abnormally healthy diets — until I covered Zoe Finch Totten and the Full Yield for Fast Company,” she says. Grant has a tougher time hewing to the wellness line at home, where her 8-year-old son’s favorite food is cookie-dough ice cream.

Dan Macsai

Assistant editor Dan Macsai’s favorite things? “Music and money,” he answers. “What else do you need to have a good time besides, you know, other people?” This month, he happily writes about both topics, mapping the social stock-picking site StockTwits and profiling Lady Gaga and über-producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald. “My iPhone was already stocked with their music,” he says. “But now I can call it research.”