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In 1968 Andy Warhol famously said, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." And every day it seems like he’s a little bit more on target.

We would more likely say that everyone is given the stage and a microphone, but what will you do to make sure people tune in for a full 15 minutes…or more?

If you were to tell anyone in 1968 that by 2010 we would all be carrying around pocket-sized telephones, with built in movie cameras that would allow us to click a few buttons and show the world our "masterpieces" they would look at you like you came from…well, the future. 

Ok, so it’s a bit melodramatic, but we do have the power to create masterpieces and movies— all in our pockets.  The problem is, even though we have the greatest network in history at our fingertips—how can we get people to pay attention?  How can you stand out in all the noise that’s being generated every second?

And let’s say your tweet, or your facebook status, or your YouTube video surfaces for a nanosecond on someone’s screen…what makes you the one they should pay attention to?

The answer lies in the second pillar of success when building your personal brand.


cred·i·bil·i·ty   (krěd'ə-bĭl'ĭ-tē)  

  1. The quality, capability, or power to elicit belief

- Source:

Wow, as usual, dictionary sounds overwhelming.  You may be thinking:

-       How can I "elicit" belief?—or in other words "What Can I do to Make Myself the Most Believable Person in the Marketplace so that people want to take advantage of my products and services?"

It sounds like something you’re either born with or you aren’t, but the good news is that it’s absolutely achievable by anyone who wants to take the time to master a few simple principles.  Let’s distill it down to something that’s certainly easier for us to understand:

You have to get people to TRUST you.

We’ve focused on getting people to know you and like you in the first pillar of success through your positioning, now we have to get them to trust you.

And the good news is that trust can be built through a simple 3 step approach:

1.     Frequency

2.     Consistency

3.     Accuracy

Frequency: There aren’t many people who you would trust with your most prized possessions the first time you meet them.  That’s why many marketing gurus will tell you that someone has to see your message 7-9 times before they’ll take notice.  And these communications have to be managed so that they occur in regular intervals.  You have to frequently stay in front of your target audience.  If you don’t, they aren’t going to remember you.

Consistency: We’re talking about both Timing and Messaging here.  If you want to be trusted, you’ve got to consistently deliver your message and your products/services/solutions on a consistent timeline.   There’s not much use bombarding someone for 3 days in a row about something, then disappearing into the wilderness for 6 months before contacting them again.  And, your messaging has to be consistent as well.  If one communication talks about how you specialize in diets and fat loss and the next one is your offering for the bacon of the month club, then it’s going to be hard to build credibility due to your contradictions.  You’ve got to be consistent.

Accuracy: If you’re educating your clients and prospects through your communications, which we believe is the absolute best way to grow your business, then you’ve got to be accurate.  If you regularly make inaccurate representations, then you’re going to lose your audience in a hurry. Pretty simple really.  If you aren’t a reliable source, people will go somewhere else for their information and the solutions they need.

Now, before you go shutting down and saying things like "I don’t have enough money or time to be Frequent, Consistent and Accurate to everyone who would be interested in my products and services," and copping out on us, there is one way you can be all of these things, and we’ll argue that it’s really the only way to become successful in any business.

And we’ll share that with you in our next blog!  Join in the discussion and you’re your comments and feedback in the section below!


ABOUT THE AUTHORS: JW Dicks (@jwdicks) & Nick Nanton (@nicknanton), lawyers by trade but entrepreneurs by choice, are best-selling authors that consult for small and medium sized businesses internationally on how to build their business through Personality Driven Marketing, Personal Brand Positioning, Guaranteed Media and Mining Hidden Business Assets. They offer free articles, blogs white papers and case studies to guests who visit their web site at Jack and Nick have been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX affiliates around the country, as well as in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Newsweek,, and many more media outlets. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, get more FREE info now at