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Robotic Night Writers Are Coming to London

London Weisshaar installation

Outrace is a sextet of robotic arms, the kind you normally find in car plants the world over, that will be controlled by members of the public to draw light sculptures in the air around Trafalgar Square, using specially-developed software. The installation by Kram/Weisshaar is coming to the London Design Festival in September, reports Dezeen.

Last year, the square, in the heart of London, played host to an amazing project by sculptor Antony Gormley. An empty plinth beneath Nelson's Column was the site of a four-month live art show called One and Other, in which individual members of the public were invited to spend an hour atop the plinth.

Outrace, while not quite as far down the road as One and Other (which was very hit and miss) is another example of the "democratization of art," as Gormley calls it. The light traces will be filmed and shown online once the festival is over.