• 05.13.10

Atheism Gets a Much-Needed Rebranding

The Illuminated Atheist provides a new visual identity for a misunderstood way of life.

Atheism Gets a Much-Needed Rebranding

Atheism, it could be argued, has an identity problem. “Atheism is quite often
mistakenly seen as a cold and distant world, rather than the beautiful,
important, and engaging philosophy that it is,” says Matt Luckhurst, a student in the School
of Visual Arts Designer as Author MFA program
. Even though Atheism’s theory includes a set of rational beliefs that most non-Atheists wouldn’t disagree with, they often don’t know enough about it to make a fair judgment on where they stand with it.


For his MFA thesis, Luckhurst, who is an Atheist, set out to brand Atheism so that its outward appearance would include the rich history and personal stories he had come to know as a practitioner. A Web site, Illuminated Atheist, collects articles, essays and artwork that relate to the philosophy, uniting its ideals in a thoughtful yet visually intriguing manner. There are even a series of Atheist T-shirts and posters which Luckhurst plans to sell.

To further engage creative Atheists like himself, Illuminated Atheist also includes “Illuminated Stories,” visual statements and illustrations from artists who have contributed their interpretations of Atheist thought. Luckhurst hopes that the work will help to educate a new generation about the positive aspects of non-theism and encourage young people to think for themselves.

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