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ZooBurst: Augmented Reality 3-D Pop-up Books for Students and Teachers

ZooBurst Pop-up books have gone digital at last—and you don't even need 3-D glasses. ZooBurst is an augmented reality program that creates dynamic pop-up books on your computer screen using just a Webcam and an Internet connection. The project, created by Craig Kapp, was on display at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts ITP showcase yesterday.


Choose one of the books on the Web site, then simply hold the ZooBurst tag (a black ZB box printed on a regular sheet of paper) in front of your Webcam. A 3-D pop-up book will magically appear on the screen, zooming out from the piece of paper. The on-screen book is entirely interactive, allowing kids to change the page, click on characters to see dialogue, or tilt the paper in any direction to view the story from a different angle.

According to Kapp, over 750 teachers are currently using the technology, which also lets students create their own stories. Kids can choose from a huge library of clip art, insert backgrounds, type up dialogue, and then watch their creations come to life in 3-D.

It's very fun to play around with, and an engaging way for students to learn about digital story creation. Kapp has created some model stories to play around with. It's Little Miss Riding Hood like you've never seen her before.

[Youtube tpmqs7Yn8VU]