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Have a Break ... In a Kit Kat Chair?

Free furniture is the new 30-second TV spot.

Have a Break ... In a Kit Kat Chair?

Horiz Hero chair

Here's something we haven't seen before: adverts that transform into chairs, no tools required! Thrown up around a handful of Gen-Yer haunts in New Zealand recently, these flat-pack plywood posters, each a DIY project in waiting, are the latest gimmick experimental ad campaign from Kit Kat — like a grown-up version of a cereal-box toy.

Except more useful. They can be assembled in a few minutes by pulling off the poster's six wood pieces then slotting them together. Voila! A lawn chair. Or a fresh addendum to the living room. Though the Kit Kat logo splayed across the seat back pretty much guarantees that only broke-ass college students will want anything to do with them.

That's obviously the target, any way. JWT New Zealand, which orchestrated the whole thing, explains the campaign: "In the Kiwi summer of 2010, large crowds gathered at outdoor events and concerts. But how could we capture the imagination of this captive audience, give them a break from the ordinary and bring the iconic Kit Kat brand to life?" Furniture, duh!

So free furniture must be the new 30-second TV spot or something. The Minnesota-based design company Blu Dot embarked on a similar marketing offensive last year, when it planted comp GPS-enabled chairs around Manhattan, then tracked where they ended up. They got loads of press for it. Kit Kat, apparently, has too, even though the chairs are a limited run, and there aren't any plans to produce more, as JWT New Zealand Managing Director Simon Fitch tells us.

But it's probably just as well. If Kit Kat's campaign were too successful, they'd have to make much sturdier chairs.

[Images courtesy of JWT New Zealand]