6 Ways To Become the Top Dog Before Your Interview

Did you realize that nearly all hiring managers pre-rank candidates
before they’ve interviewed even one? If you’re the top candidate before
interviews, then it’s basically your job to lose.


So how can you position yourself as the top candidate?

It takes a lot of planning, and takes into account all 4 audiences of
your resume. Check out the post on 4 audiences to see how to write for
all your audiences. Why? If you don’t write for the database or HR, then
your resume won’t get seen by the hiring manager. That makes it pretty
tough to be the top candidate.

But let’s imagine you’ve successfully written for the Database and for
HR, and your resume is in the pile for review on the Hiring Manager’s
desk. How do you get to the #1 spot on that pile, before they’ve talked
to you?

Here are 6 Tactics:

Tactics #1 – 3 To Make You The Top Dog

Tactics #4 – 6 To Make You The Top Dog

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