Why Every Job Seeker Needs To Blog

Blogging … sounds hugely time consuming and maybe intimidating to
those who don’t have one.


But blogging is one of the single most powerful things a job seeker can
do to advance your job search. Blogging can help candidates across the
board, whether you are active or passive, white collar or blue collar,
experienced or noob, left brain or right brain. And anyone can do it …
you don’t even have to write in order to blog (really!).

Why does every job seeker need to blog? Blogs provide so many ways for
job seekers to stand out, especially because so few candidates use these

– What Can A Blog Do For You? Why Blog?

– How Do I Start Blogging?

– How Much Time Will Blogging Take?

Learn why job seekers need to blog, what blogging can do for your job
search, how to start, and time/resource commitments …