• 05.06.10

Big News in Pharma Outsourcing

inVentiv Acquired By Thomas H. Lee Partners, PDI Solid Quarter

Something is happening in the pharmaceutical services outsourcing business. Just a day before my webinar with Blane Walter, CEO of inVentiv Health (VTIV), the leader in this space, inVentiv announced it will be acquired by Thomas H. Lee Partners.


In addition, just a few minutes ago, PDI announced that its “first quarter-to-quarter improvement in financial results for PDI in the last several years.”

Come learn directly from Walter what this all means for inVentiv, PDI, and the future of the pharmaceutical business in general. If you’d like to participate, click here to register for free.

Executive Briefing with Blane Walter, CEO of inVentiv Health

Friday, May 7 at 11 am EST

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