• 05.06.10

LED Flowers Bloom When It Gets Dark

A beautiful project by a young Dutch design student.

LED flower

Solar-powered gizmos are rarely as beautiful as Morning Glory, by Wendy Legro. A graduating student at The Netherland’s Design Academy of Eindhoven, Legro designed the project for her graduate thesis.

LED flowers

Her idea was that in the modern world, we’ve lost the pleasure of watching things grow and change–and inside our homes, artificial light is always competing with natural light. Morning Glory attempts to counteract that.

Intended to be hung near a window, the light is composed of a delicate structure that flowers, depending on lighting conditions. When it’s bright outside, the lamp shrinks up, allowing sunlight to stream past. When it grows dark, the lamp eventually blooms in a snowflake pattern, revealing the LED’s inside.

The design was recently shown in Milan, at a showcase of student work from the Design Academy of Eindhoven. For more projects, click here and here.

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