Gulf of Mexico Spill Inspires Digitally Produced “Oil Paintings”

deepwater horizon oil painting

Well that didn’t take long. The disastrous spill in the Gulf of Mexico has inspired its first artistic masterpiece: Deep Horizon, a series of “oil paintings” created by digital artist Ubermorgan.

The paintings are actually drawn from images of the disaster, which have then been digitally manipulated with compression effects and video-editing. Thus, the colors in the images take on a distorted, liquefied effect–like a real-life oil painting. According to Ubermorgan, the oil spill itself is essentially a huge drawing, done by BP, using millions of gallons of oil on a canvas of tens of thousands of miles of open sea.

Grim stuff, made all the more unsettling by the visual enchantment of the images–and the real-world devastation it abstracts.

View more of the works at Today and Tomorrow.CK