April 2010 Hiring Trends Show Slow Employment Improvements

Details on job markets by metro, industry, function, and level …


At the end of April 2010, the major job aggregation sites released
hiring data and analysis, indicating slow but measurable growth. Today’s
article summarizes job reports from,, and


The slow job growth demonstrates some early signs of a recovery.
However, job growth was inconsistent, effecting some cities, industries
and job functions more than others. Some job markets remain in the
dumper – Florida and certain California job markets are still in deep
trouble with up to a 1:9 ratio of unemployed workers to job
advertisements. Detroit remains in trouble, but registered some small

Not only is this valuable for job seekers, but for business analysts,
corporate strategists, marketers, salespeople, investment analysts,
financial advisers, and others who are interested in job growth.

The article analyzes job reports that compare job competition by metro
area, job growth by industry, job growth by function, and job growth by
management level. The trends are slow, positive and vary widely, giving
insight to job seekers and others who study job growth patterns.