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Infographic of the Day

Infographic of the Day: The Best Guide to the Oil Spill's Impacts

The Washington Post delivers a stunningly rich chart of all the natural resources and businesses threatened by the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

oil spill infographic

If there were as many people policing oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico as there were people designing infographics about the BP Gulf spill, there would ... well ... be no need for all of these oil spill infographics. That said, this is, hands down, the best one yet.

Created by The Washington Post, it details both the top-level economic impacts of the spill...

oil spill infographic

...and the local ecosystems under threat:

It's a masterful exercise in information density, that gives you the macro and micro view of the calamity. There's no superfluous prettiness here—just a staggering reflection of the crisis's magnitude, told using the facts.

Check out the full-size version. And if you're curious about the technologies being used to in the attempt to cap the leak, check the graphics here and here.