Twitter to Debut Embeddable Pull Quotes



The pull quote is a
time-honored way of both luring readers in with an enticing statement
and taking up lots of room on a page with words you already wrote. But
they’re static, and they don’t provide any extra information or insight.
posts have been used as a sort of new-age pull quote before; they’re
about the right length, and can provide some extra insight too. But there hasn’t
yet been a particularly good way of integrating tweets into an article.
Most writers will just take a screenshot of a tweet and post the image
in–not dynamic, and a bit stiff.

Twitter gets it, and they’re about to
a new Twitter-like pull quote called Embedded Tweets.
According to Silicon
Alley Insider
, they’ll have live links and text can be selected
(unlike in a simple screenshot grab). Twitter says it’ll consist of
“just a snippet of code,” probably a bit of HTML with room for the URL
of the tweet you want to embed. They even demonstrate it
–you can see that most of the links (though not hashtags) are
live, meaning they can be clicked. The image at the top of this post? A
screengrab. Just goes to show how good an idea this is–I need it
literally in the post announcing it.

We’ll see more information
tomorrow, letting us know exactly how it works and how customizable it
is. Will it cycle through related tweets, or stay on one? Can you pick a
keyword? A news story? A hashtag? I know it’ll be hard, since this is
pretty much like Christmas Eve, but try to get some sleep tonight.
There’ll be embedded Twitter presents tomorrow.


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