Smart Solar Panels Shine at the Stanford’s Beta Trade Show

Smart Solar Panels Shine at the Stanford’s Beta Trade Show

Our concept Veloz Solar just took part in the Beta Trade Show at the Stanford This trade show featured ideas from our class LaunchPad, which meets twice a week to discuss strategy,
tactics, prototypes and how to brainstorm ideas for startups.


Our device allows solar panels to become smart devices which can communicate bundled data to our back-end server. This data tells Veloz and the customer how much power the panel could be making and helps organize cleaning and maintenance when the output is below a bench-marked point.


The is set in a classic Stanford building that has been
transformed into a space for collaboration
and innovation. The is the kind of environment where
ideas can grow and innovation can turn a startup business into a
flourishing company. This space gave Veloz Solar a unique
opportunity to debut groundbreaking solar panel smart device to venture
industry experts, and Stanford colleagues.

John Andrew

Pitching our idea in this
controlled environment gives use the chance to polish our pitch and work
the bugs out before we stand in front of people to raise capital.

–John Stanfield can be found in Stanford’s product design loft working on energy problems, electric vehicles, and always searching for the next remote mountain to climb with his wife.

— Andrew Murphy is pursuing a master’s degree in product design at Stanford and jump-started the consulting firm Monkey Wrench Design, where he and his partner spend their time making things. And trouble.


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