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At a Stanford Trade Show, a Concept to Help Students Eat Healthier

Last week, we saw how the Stanford's new building was designed for innovation. This week, how the school converted into a trade show to give students an opportunity to showcase—and sell—their ideas.

At a Stanford Trade Show, a Concept to Help Students Eat Healthier

First-year MBA student Jen Paragallo and David Klein debuted Spork!, their new college student-focused dinner delivery service, to a group of 100+ venture capitalists, Stanford students, and local businesspeople at the April 29 Beta Trade Show hosted by the Stanford The trade show was an opportunity for teams in the’s LaunchPad class—a 10-week bootcamp which readies students to launch their own business concepts—to showcase their ideas and get feedback from a broad audience.

Spork!'s mission is to provide "a better way to eat" for college students. "The move away from home is a ripe opportunity to help students adopt healthier eating habits—without telling them they're doing so!" says Paragallo. Spork! hasn't created a diet, nor is it cooking fast food. Its food philosophy is: (almost) everything in moderation. Just when kids are savoring the freedom of choosing what foods they want to eat and when, they don't want some brand yelling at them to eat vegetables, says Paragallo. "We're giving college students food they want, and giving them the opportunity to eat it when they want it. Our message is more about great taste and convenience with a 'stealth health' approach to our nutritional content." Spork! provides easy access to good eats and taking the work out of eating well (and right)."

dschool spork

Spork!'s chef-inspired meals are delivered on a weekly basis directly to student dorms where they can then be reheated at the student's convenience. Its once-weekly deliveries enable students to place one order a week for as many meals as they desire, with the meals packed to stay fresh for up to seven days when refrigerated. Spork!’s dynamic menu offers five new options each week under such categories as "Chic Chow," more upscale fare to impress your cute neighbor down the hall, and "Flex Those Muscles," high protein/high fiber meals. Spork! is set to launch at Stanford in September but is planning a beta test with summer school students starting in July.

— Jen Paragallo, a Stanford business-school student, loved to host dinner parties during her study breaks and quickly realized that the wait-lists for her dinners were longer than her reading assignments for class. Convinced this demand for good grub was something that could be fixed, Jen was quick to find a partner in David Klein, a classmate’s fiancé, whose passion for food dates back to his test-driving his cooking skills in his family’s kitchen while most kids were dreaming of a driver’s license.

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