Infographic of the Day: Which Baseball Teams Have the Best Fans?

The school year’s almost ended, and that means student projects. Here’s an infographic by Russ
created for an information-viz class at New York’s School of Visual Arts, taught by the New York Times‘ superb graphics director, Steve Duenes.

Marschmeyer decided to chart how rabid the fans of various baseball teams are, and to do that, he created the “Die Hard Index,” a number that combines how much people pay for their tickets relative to how much they make, how well-attended their games are, and how often they lose.

Basically, the formula privileges those teams that still draw fans despite sky-high ticket prices and horrible team records. Naturally, The Chicago Cubs come out with the craziest fans. Mets fans are a bit higher ranked than Yankees fans. But here’s the inflammatory part: Boston Red Sox fans are kinda lame. Not super-lame, but definitely well behind their die-hard image. Not sure what’s driving this–are tickets at Fenway just cheap? Or did they just have too good of a season last year?

What really strikes you about the chart, though, is how unbelievably bad the fans are in almost every city without a super-old baseball team. The Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, Atlanta Braves, Toronto Blue Jays, and Texas Rangers have pathetic fans. Which makes you think: Baseball’s continued rep as America’s game really seems driven by a few old cities, where rooting for the home team is a tradition passed down through generations.

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