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Innovation Uncensored: Infographics Uncensored

Not only did our Innovation Uncensored event feature the sharpest insights from global thinkers, there were stunning infographics, too! Here's the little version of those that ran on the big screens.

Maybe another way to describe Fast Company's recent Innovation Uncensored event would have been "Innovation Unbound." We wanted to show how the Web has opened up more of the entire globe to innovation. And we wanted to use our 2010 Most Innovative Companies as the study group. So that's what you see here: Tweets around the world, headquarters of Most Innovative Companies around the world and their impact, and more.

Interactive firm Purple, Rock, Scissors. took that idea and ran ... around the world. If you didn't score a ticket (it was a tough one to get), here's what you missed playing on the big screens April 21, 2010. Really, nothing goes better with saucy innovation talk and stiff cocktails than sweet infographics.

Discuss the event and submit questions to the speakers at the Innovation Uncensored Facebook page.