Infographic of the Day: 6 Ways to Lower Your Carbon Emissions

transparency carbon infographic

Reducing your carbon footprint can often seem like an impossible task for any one person. What can you possibly do to fight such an amorphous, all-encompassing problem? Plenty, actually, as this infographic by GOOD magazine, MCAD Designworks, and Brighter Planet shows.

It shows, in detail, the yearly carbon emissions that result from electricity and natural gas, organized by region across the U.S. And it also shows that city dwellers, on average, produce 21,400 pounds of carbon per year, while those in rural areas produce 27,200–a whopping 27% difference. But you can actually save upwards of 6,000 pounds–or more–simply by taking six basic steps: by washing your clothes with cold water, using low-flow shower heads, and air-drying your dishes in the dishwasher, among other things. Who knew the impact could be so large?

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