Reel Roulette, the SFW Motion-Design Video Site

Reel Roulette

Spin-offs from ChatRoulette have been many, varied and, to the most part, a bunch of bollocks. ReelRoulette, however, is not. It’s a very clever Web site that lets motion-video designers share their showreels with potential clients and agencies on the hunt for a creative with a particular talent or vision.

ReelRoulette was set up by a troika of guys, Joshua Schaible, Nick Campbell, and Trevor Turk, who explains just how they got the idea here. The three of them were on a plane to SXSW last month, discussing just how hard it can be for up-and-coming creatives to get their work in front of the right people. So, with a little inspiration from Seth Godin, and the programs Rails, Devise, and Heroku, the site was born.

What sets it apart from Andrey Ternovskiy‘s site, however, is a simple add-on. It’s got a Top-Rated section, voted for by the readers, plus a search facility that means you don’t spend hours clicking on the Next button looking for the showreel you saw last week. Imagine the top terms if ChatRoulette had a search button: “No penises, please” might be the most popular phrase.AD