Boom Boom! Spreads Good Karma, One Card at a Time

Boom Boom cards


Mary Beth Campbell made it her mission to create an “uprising of guerrilla goodness” by launching Boom Boom! Revolution in January 2009. After working as a high school teacher for 10 years, Campbell was inspired to build a socially responsible company built around the concept of being nice. Taken from the concept of boomerangs, the Boom Boom! team maintains that whatever actions or words are put out into the world will eventually make their way back to the initiators, but not before covering a lot of ground beforehand.

Boom Boom! Revolution’s biggest project is its Boom Boom! Cards, initially released in 2007. The cards, made from 30-100% post consumer recyclable materials, come in decks of 26, with a revolutionary act of kindness printed on each card. Participants “play” a card by performing the assigned good deed and later tell their story by posting it on the companion Web site’s map with uploaded pictures and video before giving the card away and watching where it goes next.

So far, the Boom Boom! team has seen the revolution travel throughout the U.S. and Canada, while it also continues to catch on in countries including Sweden, China, and Australia. With every purchase of Boom Boom! Cards, customers can choose from a list of charities (from the American Diabetes Association to CASA Court Appointed Special Advocates) to receive 5% of the proceeds. An additional 5% goes to iSpot Compassion, which fosters community service efforts among teenagers.

Campbell and Boom Boom! Creative Director Helene Scott first launched the cards with the sole intention of creating a product that was socially beneficial to humanity. Since its initial launch, Boom Boom! participants have logged everything from buying a stranger a cup of coffee to becoming bone marrow donors.

“Kindness has gotten a bad rap and Boom Boom! is trying to rebrand it by making it hip and cool to be nice without being to schmaltzy or saccharine,” says Campbell.

Up next for Boom Boom! Revolution is the release of card decks for different age groups, as well as a green deck to include sustainable eco-friendly everyday acts to help the planet.