Bank Uses Stefan Sagmeister’s Wit as Ethical Currency

Instead of ripping off Sagmeister’s work for its latest campaign, Standard Chartered actually tapped the graphic master to direct it himself.



Of all the industries who should be running clever, inspirational advertising right now, banks need to step it up the most. A new
campaign from Standard
might give Goldman Sachs some ideas for how to redeem themselves once their hearing ends. The new campaign for the bank is entitled “Here for Good” and features ads with objects arranged into inspiring typographical messages. Sounds familiar, we know, but Standard Chartered has definitely earned our trust in one area: Instead of simply ripping off the work of graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister like some other brands–cough, Absolut, cough–Standard Chartered hired the master himself to bring his large-scale type experiments to life.

With Sagmeister
their designer, it was arguably a no-fail project from the start–the typography-focused work Sagmeister produces stands alone as fine art (Sagmeister’s work has been featured in gallery shows). But the thinking behind it is pretty fascinating as well, seen through a series of process videos
illuminating the creative process and human contexts that inspired the
campaign’s theme.

For more about how Sagmeister works–and his unusual vacation policy–click here.