ARM Financial Results Show Its Muscle, Nixes Apple Takeover Rumors

ARM logo

ARM holdings, the nifty British chipmaker rumored to be the object of Apple’s affections, has released a sparkling set of financial figures–and poured water on the rumors surrounding it and the Cupertino Gang. Profits have almost doubled in the first quarter of this year, and it’s shipped an incredible 1.4 billion of its RISC chips.

Chief Executive Warren East is, naturally, ebullient about these results–a 98% profit is never to be sniffed at, nor a 20% increase in sales–and he singled out Apple products as key to ARM’s success. “The iPhone acted as a great stimulus to encourage competitors to develop products to beat the iPhone. The iPad looks like it has set the competitive bar again, and will stimulate people to do a lot of other creative things.”

East is not the only person to be nixing the Apple-ARM hookup rumors. Research group iSuppli has authored a note suggesting why. Acquisition of the chipmaker wouldn’t be of any strategic value to the mega-brand and, as well as costing an arm and a leg (oh dear) wouldn’t give Apple a heads-up on the competitive front. ARM has business arrangements with other semiconductor companies, and the chances of it foregoing these relationships means it makes sense for the Cambridge, U.K., company to keep Apple at arm’s length.