Giz Your Own Adventure: The End?

 Alas, there is no definite ending here (not yet, check back!). So choose one:

 Alas, there is no definite ending here (not yet, check back!). So choose one:


loses! They bought stolen goods, bragged about it, profited from it,
and now Nick Denton is going to do a little time in San Mateo County. becomes the property of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s
Office. Gawker Media employees lose their jobs. At night in his cell,
Nick Denton discovers an alternate definition of the term “unique


Based on all the problems, from the
possible bias of REACT to the sloppy search to the journalist
protection laws to the public outcry that’s bound to ensue, the San
Mateo County DA has a hell of a bumpy road in front of them, but if
they decide to go down that road, the legal costs become too burdensome
for independent Gawker Media–acquittal or not. Even fighting could
mean a loss.

Besides, it’s just a phone, right?


wins! After digesting the exceptions to exceptions, Gaby Darbyshire’s
invoking the journalist protection laws actually do hold water. The
search should not have been permitted if the DA was looking for
information on Secret Source or other unpublished material to help them
build a case. The paused investigation never resumes once they figure
out the search was illegal. The DA blew the case! It’s dropped before
ever seeing court. Denton rules! Lam prevails! Jesus saves!


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