Giz Your Own Adventure: Corruption! Scandal! Traffic!

 Well, that whole REACT thing sounds bad, but it may not be fair. Stephen Wagstaffe, at the San Mateo County DA, says Apple was not involved at all in REACT’s search and seizure, and that he personally didn’t know Apple had any involvement in REACT.

All of those other times REACT has played a part in investigating piracy complaints from members of its steering committee could be nothing more than coincidence. After all, Microsoft, Symantec, and Adobe are three of the biggest victims of software piracy for software like Windows, Norton Antivirus, and Photoshop. It may not be fair to accuse REACT of corruption. But that’s not for me to say–this is Choose Your Own Adventure, not Choose Dan Nosowitz’s Adventure. What say you?


a. REACT is possibly corrupt, but at the very least is biased. This is bad news for any possible prosecution against Jason Chen, Gizmodo, Gawker Media, and/or Secret Source. Click here.

b. I’m willing to give REACT the benefit of the doubt. But how does REACT and the prosecutor think they’re going to get around the journalist protection laws? Click here.

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