Stahlbush Brings Biodegradable Packaging to the Frozen Food Aisle

It’s always healthiest to eat fresh food, but Stahlbush Island Farms is making a noble attempt at greening frozen produce with the first ever biodegradable bag for frozen fruits and veggies.

The BioBag, developed as part of a collaboration with Cadillac Products Packaging Company, maintains a
normal shelf life for the twenty different frozen fruit and vegetable
products produced by Stahlbush–no small feat. Stahlbush’s bag, which uses brown kraft paper and water-based ink, decomposes in a matter of months. That’s not as fast as regular paper, but paper bags also don’t provide the shelf life necessary for frozen products. 

Stahlbush still has bigger goals in mind. “We’d love to work towards the next step of having compostable packaging,” said Kellie Strawn, a company spokesperson. Such packaging might looks something like the new SunChips bags, which break down completely after 14 weeks in a compost bin. Compostable frozen food packaging might even be developed by competitors, since Stahlbush says it is willing to share information about its BioBag with other manufacturers. Stay tuned.