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WANTED: Office Assault Post-It Gun

Any executive for whom Sun Tzu's The Art of War is the perfect encapsulation of their business philosophy might like industrial designer Alex Marshall's office toys. There's a Post-It gun, designed, apparently, for "extreme ideation and brainstorms," and a C.C.G., or coffee-cup grenade, described as an anti-drowsiness device.

Marshall claims that the gun began life as a "super-advanced fart machine," so how that evolved into a concept that Michael Scott would probably insist on toting around the Dunder-Mifflin office is beyond me. What it needs, however, is a tiny keyboard built into the  stock of the gun so that you can type your message and then shoot it out at the poor sap who normally fetches your coffee and does the photocopying. After all, the impact of your message is just as dependent on its delivery as its content.