Gilt Groupe Launches Gilt City, Attacking Groupon in New York City

Gilt City

Gilt Groupe, one of our Most Innovative Companies, made its bones in flash sales (often just one or two days) of high-end fashion. But now it looks like they’re setting their sights on Groupon with a new, more local service called Gilt City.

Gilt City is available in, of course, New York City (and nowhere else, at the moment). It’s a bit like Groupon, in that it has limited-time offers of coupons and deals for local merchants, but it’s also different in a few ways. For one, there doesn’t seem to be a minimum number of people needed to actually secure a deal–you can just snag these deals whether or not Gilt fulfills some mandatory quota. It’s also only a weekly service, compared to Groupon’s daily service, and given Gilt’s history (and name), the vendors involved may be a little out of the price range of most people.

It’s a good idea (and sort of explains the hiring of former Nylon mag No. 2 Stephanie Trong as editorial director), although it’s possible that the deals may not be as desirable as Groupon’s due to the lack of a quota (which may result in vendors preferring Groupon). And, of course, I’m grumpy because Gilt City is only available in New York, whereas Groupon offers are sent to me here in San Francisco every day. But if Gilt City can expand and consistently provide good deals and coupons, the service could find some success.

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