Everybody Look Under Your Seats–It’s the Official Oprah iPhone App!

At long last, Oprah fanatics (Foprahtics? Needs work.) can spend two bucks on an iPhone app that will provide Oprah-related entertainment even while away from a television or computer. The weirdest part: it’s kind of…impressive.

Oprah Mobile


Not to be confused with Opera Mini, which is a groundbreaking Web browser known for its offsite caching and end-of-year gift lists (confusing!), Oprah Mobile is the first official iPhone app for Oprah fans, of which I have been assured there are several. The content comes from Oprah’s litany of media, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, O (the Oprah Magazine), Oprah Radio, and (Side note: In only one paragraph, I have written the word Oprah enough times that it now looks like a fake word to me. Just look at it: Oprah. Oprah. Weird, right?)

It’s actually a surprisingly extensive app, not a cheapie cash-in like some other branded companion apps out there. It has a few nice tie-ins with Oprah’s show, letting you reserve tickets or see a calendar of her guests, or just see on which channel and at what time you can get your O fix, anywhere in the States. There’s also a ton of extra features, like backstage interviews, audio commentary from Oprah herself, and “helpful advice on health, beauty, cooking, money, relationships and more” from her arsenal of publications. You can share all of that content via integration with Facebook, Twitter, and email.

The app is unusually impressive–when I saw that Oprah had released a paid iPhone app, I immediately assumed it’d be some kind of money-grab. But it’s remarkably extensive and feature-packed–I may not care much about the Big O myself, but if this app had all its content replaced with equivalent material from Stephen Colbert or something, I’d be super excited. You get an app! And you get an app! And you get an app….

Oprah Mobile is available now in the App Store for $2.

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