Philips Creates a Garden of Mechanical Flowers

random international

The last we heard from Philips’s experimental Lumiblade team, they tapped rAndom International to create You Fade To Light, a magical pixel “mirror.” Philips was back at the 2010 Milan Furniture Fair, this time working with Jason Bruges Studio on a Mimosa, a synthetic garden made of mechanical “flowers” that bloom when anyone draws near. Maybe this is just easier to watch rather than explain:

The installation is meant to show-off Philips’s Lumiblade technology, flat OLED tiles that can be built to different sizes for applications ranging from displays to lighting. The tech isn’t exactly a mainstream barnburner–but Philips is pushing it to show the myriad possibilities offered by low-energy use and almost unlimited formats. (The other projects include lamps by Established & Sons and Tom Dixon.)

Here’s rAndom International’s previous installation using the tech:

Check out more of the Jason Bruges Studio’s work here, and more of rAndom International’s work here. It’s excellent stuff.

For more work along these lines–complete with video–check out our previous slideshow.CK