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GM Releases Details on Latest Volt, This Minivan's a Rockin'

Chevy Volt

Remember those sketches of a rumored Chevy Volt minivan that we posted earlier this week? Now we have some real pictures and technical details courtesy of GM.

As we suspected, the Volt MPV will feature the Voltec propulsion system found inside the Chevy Volt. The system, which is powered by a 16 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, has a 1.4 liter engine generator to extend the vehicle's range when electric power isn't readily available. But while the regular Volt gets 40 miles on pure electric power, the MPV only gets 32 miles before the gas engine picks up the slack for another 300 miles of extended range driving.

Chevy Volt

The MPV also features dual skylight panels, 19-inch wheels, two-toned leather seats, and a "Sonic Blue" paint job—all intended to up the vehicle's sportiness quotient. The five-seater minivan is still a concept, but Chevy seems to have a lot of details worked out. That makes us think the vehicle will eventually go into production. Full release is available here.

Chevy Volt