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Delightfully Horrifying: Apple’s Photo Booth Effects, in Real Life

Ew. Also: Ew!

Photo Booth

You know those photo booth effects that come with Apple’s Webcam? Pretty cool, but if you translate some of those fun-house distortions into real life, the effect is truly horrifying.

That’s exactly what Brookyn-based designer Mark Pernice did, starting with with still from Photo Booth. He then took that still to F/X sculptor Christian Hanson, who transformed the grotesque caricature into a mask that would scare Osama bin Laden from his cave. Pence intended the piece to go into a promotional poster for his design business, Matic. But he need to get this up on ChatRoulette double-quick, and try to make the freak shows over there run for their mommies.

We haven’t seen anything this gross since Milan 2010, or this meat-inspired jewelry.

Photo Booth mask

Photo Booth mask

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