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Getting Funded

Infographic: The Road to a Facebook IPO

At the f8 developer's conference, the biggest question in the air is money. And lots of it.

Infographic: The Road to a Facebook IPO

As Mark Zuckerberg prepares to step onto stage at f8, the Facebook developer's conference, the question that has to be on everyone's minds—including Zuckerberg's—is how much money this whole thing's worth. And we may soon find out, given all the coy teasers about a Facebook IPO. With that in mind, let's take a look back at this infographic produced by Gigom last December, detailing the rise—and rise and rise—of Facebook's value on paper: Facebook infographic

Now obviously, alot has happened since the graphic was created. Facebook unveiled a plan to double revenues—which are already topping $1 billion. And they've created a stock structure similar to that of Google, which will allow them to maintain control even after an IPO. So two things: It's not a question of if, but when. And you can bet that the valuation will soon make that $9.5 billion figure above look quaint.