Live From Facebook’s f8 Conference: Real-Time Check-In Data

presence visualization

f8–the always growing convention for Facebook developers–is going on now, and a kicky little conference gizmo has speculation raging that Facebook is about to announce some sort of location-aware capability.

Everyone attending the show is getting RFID tags (including our own Dan Nosowitz), so that you can check into the various booths on site. That enrolls you on the event’s fanpage, so that you can follow it online through Facebook–getting all the details after, or announcing your real-time whereabouts on your profile page. But maybe the coolest part is a screen on the main hall that visualizes all the check-ins in (almost) real time. So while you can’t actually track people as they move, you can see where everyone’s congregating.

Obviously, this is a conference gimmick intended mostly for amusement. But does it presage a long-expected location-aware Facebook app? Stay tuned.CK