Today in Most Innovative Companies


Apple: Nothing really new with Apple…except that Gizmodo published pictures and video of the upcoming iPhone 4 today!

Netflix: Lately, Netflix and Blockbuster have been going to the mattresses. Even Blockbuster’s CEO has jumped into the scrap. This week, though, Netflix is expected to release its fiscal results, which may shed some light on whether or not its winning-streak over the struggling video-store giant is continuing. So far, projections show that Netflix added up to 1.6 million new subscribers during the first quarter alone; meanwhile, bad news from Blockbuster from an analyst with Wedbush Morgan Securities: “Blockbuster is losing customers to Netflix and Redbox at an unprecedented rate, driving continued upside to Netflix’s financial performance.”

Spotify: The Guardian has an interesting rundown showing how the cloud-based music service is financially viable (or not). One of the more interesting finds is that after more than 5 months and 1 million plays of Lada Gaga’s “Poker Face” on Spotify, the singer only earned $167 in royalties.

Microsoft: Ever think the keys on your phone are too small to type on? Well Microsoft plans to solve this issue with Skinput, which turns a person’s hand and forearm into a keyboard. The system responds to gestures, finger touches, and taps, and can even project a fully typeable screen and menu onto your skin. While still an early prototype, Skinput really does put this technology in the palm of your hand. Check it out: