8 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Content is King”. Perhaps that should be changed to “Content is Exercise”? What? Keep on reading…






I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Content is King”.

Perhaps that should be changed to “Content is Exercise”?



Keep on reading…

Content is essential to any successful business. This includes blogs,
podcasts, YouTube videos, articles, tweets…you get the idea. Anything that’s
interesting and practical to your clients/consumers adds to your credibility. This
works because we do business with people who we deem trustworthy and credible.
Nothing makes you more trustworthy and credible more than releasing relevant content
that fits prospects’ needs.

Sonia Simone (Copyblogger), puts
it succinctly: “Successful salespeople will tell you that your
customer needs to know, trust and like you before she’ll buy….Great content
buys you the time to build that trusting relationship. So use that time wisely.”


The internet has made it a piece of cake to produce content. Today,
anyone can be a publisher. Unfortunately, this is a
double-edged sword. There is a plethora of sub-par content on the web
(in addition to the good content) as I’m sure you’ve realized.

In the PR business, we have found that companies encounter problems when
they suddenly say, “I need to have content.” The issue is that a company may hastily
start a blog, write an article or two, and then wonder why nothing seems to be

Here’s the truth. Content marketing cannot be a half-hearted attempt. It can
be compared to exercise. If you work out occasionally, all you’re going to get is
a sore body. No real progress is made. A serious exercise routine includes a
well-defined strategy and goals. You could join a fitness center or a running
club if that’s your forte. Your goal may be to reduce your blood pressure or to
tighten up your stomach. Regardless, your goals should be measurable. It’s the
same with content marketing. You must develop a strategy and an action plan
with measurable goals:


Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself when planning your content

Why should I create
content?What will it do for my
business?Who do I want to reach?What is the action I want
the reader to take after viewing the content?How can I integrate my
content with my other marketing strategies?What types of content
will appeal to my target audience?How can I implement a
content marketing program?How can I measure my

You also should check out this useful post by content marketing expert Joe
Pullizi. Pullizi advocates a three-step process for launching a
content program:


First, have a clear
understanding of the organizational goals.Understand the needs of the
buyer.Create a content plan that’s
specific and measurable…one that speaks directly to the organization’s
goals and displays an understanding of the customer.

How are you creating content to make yourself and your business stand
out? We would love to hear from you. 


About the author

Wendy Marx is the president of Thriving at 50+, a personal branding, and a career reinvention coach for people 50 and up. She's sought after for her ability to turn virtually unknown people into brands of distinction