• 04.16.10

Milan 2010: A 360 Twist on Rocking Chairs and a Design Wonderland Alice Would Love is scouring the goods at Milan 2010 design conference right now. Here’s the latest batch of eye candy.

milan designers

Design Miami Designers of the Future, past and present: Peter Marigold (center) with members of the Berlin-based studio Beta Tank, whose black-and-white installation Beta Space transformed the back half of Milan’s Spazio Fendi into an op-art playground, complete with inflatable balls.

nail art

This year’s Droog event, Saved by Droog, asked 14 international designers to reinterpret 5,135 items acquired at liquidation auctions in The Netherlands, from plastic wallets (Stefan Sagmeister) to ceramic cups (Maison Martin Margiela). Here, nail artists from the Le Gatte personal nail school in Milan apply delicate florals patterns in polish to Marian Bantje’s Manicured Chairs.

For his solo show at the London gallery Haunch of Venison last month, Thomas Heatherwick debuted Spun, a rotomolded chair in steel and copper that at the fair was launched by the Italian company Magis in polyethelene. Lift your feet, and the chair wobbles 360 degrees like a drunken dreidl but won’t ever toss you out. Here, watch Heatherwick take a ride in his own creation.