Shepard Fairey Compares Banksy Conspirators to Obama Birthers

Shepard Fairey

I knew my theory that Bansky’s new documentary was just another clever prank would have a few detractors. Little did I know that one of the protests would come from so close to the source: It wasn’t but a few hours after I’d posted my story before Exit Through the Gift Shop’s “co-director,” renowned street artist Shepard Fairey emailed me himself:

Nice try on the conspiracy theory. It’s kinda like Obama’s birth announcement from Hawaii to conceal his Kenyan birth. The makeup artists did a great job making me look 10 years younger for the scene when I “allegedly” first met Thierry. Has it ever crossed your mind that Thierry is possibly the least self-aware person on the planet? Banksy and I had to endorse him because he was holding our video footage hostage…still is to a degree. The debate is a good one, but I wouldn’t be so proud of your sloppy police work.

I never said the footage was faked–I have no doubt that Thierry Guetta spent years documenting street artists. But everything that the film says happens after Fairey introduces him to Banksy: bogus.

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Image via Paranoid Pictures