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Icelandic Chefs Use Fresh Hot Lava to Sear Björk Chops

Every seat’s in the smoking section when you dine Eyjafjallajokull-side. Volcano brownie? Volcano everything! (Hint: Do not ask for extra hot sauce.)

Icelandic Chefs Use Fresh Hot Lava to Sear Björk Chops

volcano dining

When a volcano in Fimmvorduhals, Iceland, went Krakatoa last month, an enterprising hotel in Reykjavik thought it would be a great idea to offer two of its regular guests a hot and steamy dining experience. The pair was flown to the glacier near the volcano by helicopter, where they were met by four chefs from the Holt Hotel, who proceeded to prepare lunch for them, using the lava to cook on.

As the guests enjoyed their champagne in temperatures of around minus 15 degrees Celsius, the chefs got to work on the lobster, as it sizzled away on the rocks at around 170 degrees. Head chef, the ironically named Fridgeir Eriksson, saw the volcano erupt last month and thought it would be a good idea. As well as the lobster, the couple enjoyed fish soup, monkfish, and chicken. And, no doubt, an unspeakably farty smell as the sulphur bubbled around them.

File this one under the heading of Things to Do with an Active Volcano Number 94. Just so you know, numbers one to 93 are “Run!”

[Photos by Kristjan Logason / Demotix Images]

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