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When I first launched my company, TV Ears, in 1998, I did so with two key goals in mind. The first was to help remedy a problem for individuals struggling to hear the TV more clearly, and the second was to provide a product that was superior to anything else currently on the market. As we went to the drawing board to identify essential qualities for our offerings, it became apparent that our expectations were aligned with the characteristics we seek out in team members. 

As companies slowly rise from the current economic mess and move forward in the rebuilding process, it’s important for them to revisit their core staff. Here are three criteria to keep in mind when bringing on board new employees:

Top Quality
When our company first set out to provide a solution that would help folks hear the TV more clearly, it was imperative that we used the best products. Skimping on certain aspects in the manufacturing process wasn’t an option. If a company is looking to sell their products successfully, there should be an emphasis on producing superior offerings.  The same holds true with employees. It’s not just about how many positions you can fill, but filling each position with the best talent. For example, our company manufacturers, sells and ships thousands of products, which means we need to have a stellar team behind those efforts. We’ve done well by hiring and retaining the best marketing, sales and logistics folks around, because we looked for individuals who strive to achieve a consistent level of quality and excellence in their job.

Always Reliable
Companies strive to manufacture products that are dependable and aren’t going to fail. Not only is it crucial to offer reliable products, but maintaining an internal team that’s just as unfailing is equally important. Avoid employees that have reputations from previous companies for being habitually sick or arriving late. These are indicators that those individuals have the potential to develop flaws in other areas. Instead, look for folks that can keep commitments and stick true to their word. In addition, hiring employees that are committed to the company’s mission and goals is a must.

Exceeds Expectations

One of the many comments we’ve received from customers is that our products have not only met their expectations, but have exceeded them. It’s imperative to offer solutions that are above and beyond that of your competitors.  In terms of employees, many workers only perform the tasks that are required of them and nothing more. Companies should look for team members that are constantly striving to increase their value and take on additional duties.

TV Ears is committed to providing top quality, reliable products that are known for exceeding customer’s expectations and places equal value on employing team members that possess these same qualities. I would encourage companies to make a list of characteristics that represent them and refer to that list when evaluating potential new employees.