Yves Béhar’s Paper Chandelier Powered by Crystal Light

Yves Béhar and Fuseproject have been busy this week: Fresh from unveiling a super-green shoebox for Puma, they’ve sent their newest project, Amplify, a chandelier concept created for Swarovski.

The crystal company usually commissions insanely expensive, one off pieces for Milan–you can see some of this year’s works here and here–but Fuseproject chose another path. Rather than creating something so expensive that no one can possibly ever buy it, they created a crystal chandelier that was sustainable and “accessible to all.”

They did that by using a single crystal to refract the light from a low-energy LED. The glittering refractions form the crystal are then captured, using a faceted paper shade. Thus, you get the optical impact of a big fancy chandelier, without the massive cost, materials expense, and labor.