Hey Gleeks, Turn Your iPhone Into a Show Choir

Glee app

Ever wish you could be a part of a show choir like the one on Glee, but lack both singing talent and friends? There’s now an app for that. This is great news for Glee fans. Everyone else: cover your ears.

Smule and Fox Digital Entertainment have teamed up to create an app—simply called “Glee”—that turns your voice into a show choir of your very own. Like a portable karaoke machine, the app flashes the lyrics across the screen, and as you sing along, it captures your voice, either recording it or projecting it back into the world.

Most of us haven’t been blessed with Lea Michele’s pipes, and hearing your vocal inadequacies played back isn’t exactly appealing. But the app anticipates your lousy singing voice and uses Smule technology to pitch-correct your voice in real time, even creating harmonies.

“We really try to unlock creativity in everyone, and that aligns really well with Glee,” says Ge Wang, Smule co-founder. “It’s about cheering the underdog in all of us. This is for people who sing, but it’s just as much, if not more, for people who don’t.”

Record the song and share it with other Glee lovers, who can add their voice to create a collaborative track. “This is all about creative experimentation, a new social instrument,” says Wang. “We think this will really delight users. We have high hopes, but we’re
cautiously optimistic.” The app costs $2.99 when it goes on sale today, in time for this week’s long-awaited return of Glee. To celebrate, how about we watch that Sue Sylvester remake of Madonna’s “Vogue” one more time?