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Wanted: The Most Minimal Chair in the World

Vitra unveils a strange new invention, composed simply of a nylon strap.

Vitra Chairless

The German furniture firm Vitra is usually known for high-end stuff you'd pass down through the generations. But they've gone into a completely different—and strange—direction with Chairless, a "seating device for the modern nomad." Designed by Alejandro Aravena, it's simply a strap that you put around your knees and back. So that you can lean back, with maximum comfort. Apparently, Aravena was inspired by a similar strap he saw being used by an Ayoreo Indian. Naturally, a part of the proceeds will be used to support the Foundation for Paraguayan Indian Communities.

Vitra Chairless

But moreover, this makes a brilliant addition to some of the hobo inventions we've covered. Just roll this up in the pocket of your JakPak, grab your Bedouin chaise lounge, and hit the rails.