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WANTED: Microsoft Arc Keyboard

Microsoft Arc

Microsoft-bashers might not have noticed, but Microsoft has been putting out fantastic PC peripherals for years. The company pioneered ergonomic keyboards with the Natural Keyboard back in 1994, and its Sidewinder and IntelliMouse mice have, along with Logitech and Razer, been among the best in their field. I'm typing this right now on the Wireless Entertainment Desktop, a damn good and very sleek keyboard. Microsoft's peripherals are usually far better than Apple's form-over-function choices for keyboards and mice.

Microsoft Arc

Microsoft's Arc line has yielded the Arc Mouse, which looks a little uncomfortable (but which admittedly I haven't yet tried), and in late January they announced the Arc keyboard, which looks amazing. Reviews note that it's extremely small and about as gorgeous as an inherently functional piece of equipment like a keyboard can be, but it remains very comfortable to type on and use. (For the record, it's not made at the labor rights-violating KYE in China). It's got a not-so-subtle rise and fall (hence the moniker) that provides a good angle on which your hands can rest. Gizmodo suggests that it might be best for controlling a home theater PC—it has an unbelievably tiny Bluetooth dongle that fits into a recessed port on the keyboard's underside, and it's small enough to slide out of sight in a living room. But it looks like a really good choice for any computer.

The Microsoft Arc Keyboard is available in black now or in eye-catching white and lime (my personal choice) soon. Both cost a competitive $60.