Google Buzz Buttons to Invade Your Favorite News Sites

Google Buzz

A typical story on a social-media-centric site like the Huffington Post or Mashable is inevitably accompanied by about 40 “share via” buttons. You’ll be able to share via Twitter, Facebook, email, Digg, Reddit, Morse code, carrier pigeon, and hand-delivered engraved stone hieroglyph. Those buttons are important–they feed content into those social networks/archaic communication forms, which gets more people reading them, because there’s more content. It’s a circular process–more content equals more users equals more content.

Until now, there had been no way to share stories via Buzz–at least, none sanctioned by Google. It was kind of an odd oversight (one might say it was one of many odd oversights that accompanied Buzz’s launch), but it’s been remedied now–and Google‘s got a list of launch partners that should bring it lots of users. Those partners include HuffPo, the Washington Post, Glamour, TweetDeck, PBS, Meebo, and MySpace, as well as meta-sharing tools like ShareThis and AddThis. Of course, Google’s own properties like Blogger and YouTube are represented.

So don’t be surprised if you start seeing a little Buzz logo next to the Twitter and Facebook share buttons on your favorite news story. Google’s not giving up with Buzz yet–and if they keep on adding features (like the great Android widget), I might even use it one of these days.DN