Work Smart

In a exclusive video series, Gina Trapani, founding editor of Lifehacker, shares tips and tricks for juicing your workday — without getting squeezed.


Conquering Your Email Inbox


A few hundred — or thousand — emails hanging over your head? Treat your email inbox like a postal box: Empty it every time you check it. Trapani’s filing system makes this less insane than it sounds.

Mastering Your Social-Media Life

Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn, oh my! Manage multiple accounts with minimal effort by funneling alerts, interacting with a single interface, and designating each as either business or pleasure.

Doing One Thing Really, Really Well

Multitasking is for suckers. A recent study found that interrupted workers lose an average of 25 minutes each time they switch gears. Get things done faster — one item at a time.


Time Blocking to Avoid Distractions

Your brain needs at least 15 concentration-filled minutes to get into the zone where you’re truly focused and doing your best work. Time blocking sets the stage for that to happen.

Claiming Your Name on the Web

Face it. Google is the new pre-interview, and what we do online tells possible employers more about us than a résumé ever could. Learn how to take the reins of your cyberself.

Making Procrastination Productive


The best by-product of procrastination: surging motivation — you’ll do anything to avoid working on that looming project. Read this before you head to to burn through a few minutes.

The 10 Most Addictive Sounds in the World

Does sound make us buy more, want more, dream more, and eat more? Online-branding guru Martin Lindstrom and sound-identity company Elias Arts wired 50 volunteers and measured their galvanic, pupil, and brain-wave responses to sounds. How many on this top-10 list can you hear, no speakers required?

1. Baby’s Giggle

2. Intel’s Bong

3. Vibrating Phone


4. Classic Cash Register

5. National Geographic Theme

6. MTV Theme

7. T-Mobile Ringtone

8. McDonald’s Theme


9. “Star-Spangled Banner”

10. State Farm Theme