Military Time

For Mike Mullen, Wednesday, January 6, was what one of his aides describes as a “pretty generic” day. Take a look at his schedule:

Military Time
0430   Depart e/r gym
0545   Depart e/r Quarters
0700   Depart e/r Pentagon
0715   Read Presidential Daily Brief
0730   Standup
0830   SECDEF Mtg w/Gates
0945   Depart e/r George Washington University
1000   Remarks/Inside Washington 2010 Academic Seminar
1100   Depart e/r Pentagon
1115   Prep w/ J3
1200   Mtg w/ Lt. Gen. Steven Blum
1215   Lunch
1245   Prep w/ J5
1330   SECDEF Mtg w/Gates
1415   Prep w/ J5
1430   Haircut
1500   Mtg w/ Vice Adm. Bill Sullivan
1515   Mtg w/ Gen. Kevin Chilton
1530   End of Day
1545   Depart e/r Andrews Air Force Base
1615   Depart e/r NYC
1700   Land/Depart e/r studio
1745   Interview Prep
1800   Interview/Jon Stewart Show
1845   Change clothes
1900   Depart e/r working dinner
2200   Depart e/r airport
2230   Depart e/r Andrews Air Force Base
2330   Arrive Andrews Air Force Base
0000   Arrive Quarters
“En route”
Mullen and his wife declined Quarters Six, the chairman’s official residence, at Fort Myer in Virginia, to stay in a smaller Navy house in D.C.
Each morning, Mullen reads the daily intelligence brief written for President Obama; 2% of his time is reserved for the POTUS.
Morning staff meeting
Mullen, who averages nine speaking engagements per month, aims to spend 9% of his time on outreach to the general public. From May to September 2009 — the most recent period for which his staff has done what they call a Calendar Review — he managed only 8%.
Marine Lieutenant General John “Jay” Paxton, the Joint Staff’s director of operations
Three-star Army general and deputy commander of the U.S. Northern Command, a position created after 9/11 to protect the U.S. homeland
Vice Admiral James “Sandy” Winnefeld, the Joint Staff’s director for strategic plans and policy
Outgoing U.S. military representative to NATO
Commander, U.S. Strategic Command; Air Force Academy graduate; and first former astronaut to attain four-star rank
Closeout meeting with personal staff
Mullen designates 6% of his time for media-related activities.
Mullen changed from his dress blues into a business suit for dinner at Mayor Bloomberg’s house; he is aware that his uniform can sometimes be distancing or intimidating.